Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ravens vs. Steelers is a Bitter Rivalry

Preach on James Walker. Preach on.

"Welcome to the most underrated rivalry in the National Football League. It involves toughness, familiarity, hatred, mutual respect and, on Sunday, the AFC North division title. There is never a shortage of excitement when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens meet. But when you think of the NFL's top rivalries on a leaguewide scale, this one rarely comes to mind."


VikesRule said...

Is this blog still running? If so, I'd like to contact the owner about doing a link exchange with the forum I run, called The Playoff Push.

The link is:


William K Wolfrum said...

Is this blog still running? If so I'd like to gloat to the owner about how the Steelers beat the Ravens three times and then won the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

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